Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gingerbread Houses

For some reason this year I haven't been feeling as christmassy as usual, because of this I have been playing christmas songs none stop at the boutique whilst burning cinnamon scented candles to try and stir and awaken some of my hibernating christmas spirit. However, after my usual rounds on the tinterwebs, I found some beautiful images of Christmassy gingerbread houses! With Vintage Reclaimed being a hub of creativity, I felt it was important to share this D.I.Y project with the rest of you! Although you cannot buy gingerbread or cake making supplies at the boutique, your gingerbread townhouse or Big Ben may just need a lovely vintage clock face of which we have plenty! Thankyou to Bluebird Vintage for finally igniting my xmas cheer ! I look forward to sitting down with the family and hashing one of these out over mulled wine and christmas classics.

To get creating, Visit Martha! and be sure to upload pics of your creations to the vintage reclaimed facebook page! See you again soon!

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