Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marcasite Treats

The very first traces of marcasite were found in ancient Greece, during the Inca period and it is reported that Cleopatra herself used to favour this style of jewellrey! A royal theme continues with marcasite's popularity increasing throughout the 18th and 19th century, reaching a pinnacle during Queen Victorias reign where they were adorned by the queen herself. A perfect substitute for diamonds,marcasite jewellrey is normally a reference to iron pyrite, fools gold's silver toned twin. True marcasite itself is of the same composition as pyrite but is too brittle to be used within jewellrey, often crumbling to dust. Marcasite was also popular within the 1920's, often used within art deco designs. Theodo Fahrner was a renowned producer of sought after art deco pieces set with marcasite and other coloured stones. The factory was unfortunately bombed and destroyed during the second world war, along with the factory's historical archives, making details about his jewellrey hard to come by!

At Vintage Reclaimed we have a selection of beautiful vintage marcasite jewellrey and brooches, including this stunning, statement art deco necklace. The perfect partner to a little black dress for the upcoming party season!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Charms a Plenty

The Vintage Reclaimed boutique has a stunning collection of silver charms in store at the moment. Ranging from £5 to £20, they are perfect for stocking fillers and/or a really personal and thoughtful gift.

Back in the Neolithic era, charms, in the form of lucky stones and trinkets were worn by hunters in the hope of warding off evil spirits and bad luck. Coining the term 'lucky charm.' Later on in history, the Egyptians used extremely decorative bejewelled charms in their preparation for the after life. The charms would act as I.D tags, in the hope that the gods would identify who they were, and guide the wearer to their rightful status within the afterlife. Historians claim to have found the first recognizable charms and charm bracelets within Egyptian tombs.

I love the idea of charms as ID tags within the contemporary world, with large chains and retail outlets constantly spurning out their own coveted identities, it is easy to get lost within the masses. These vintage charms can be so appropriate to one individual, and really mean something. Many of the charms are so intricate, that they open to reveal hidden treasures, such as a genie within a lamp or a boot, revealing the age old nursery rhyme 'the old woman who lived in a shoe.' Interestingly enough, brands such as links and Pandora have caught onto the personalisation quality of charm bracelets. Yet the uniqueness and delicacy of the antique charms cannot be matched and not only look great collected on a bracelet, but are also perfect on a simple silver chain. Your very own one of a kind identity tag! Come visit us at 27 Goosegate, Hockley, Nottingham and have a good look and play with all the vintage trinkets!